Steve Cioppa

I have been training with Steve for almost 3 years. He has helped me through my recovery after abdominal surgery and with my recurrent back injury. He is the perfect combination of encouragment, support and motivation. He helps me with nutrition and weight loss in addition to training. Steve is always looking for new ideas and attending seminars to customize work outs to my physical needs. I am a 44 year old overweight full time mom, care giver for my parents in addition to my regular job. I take care of everyone and my time with Steve is how I take care of me!!
Barbara B. 7/23/15


I started training with Steve about four years ago. Having already worked with a half dozen trainers over a period of a dozen years, I knew immediately Steve was different. From our first work out, he emphasized function for real life everyday. He demonstrated a deeper understanding of body mechanics than anyone with whom I worked before.

What I never expected was that due to unknown congenital deformities, I was about to under go two complex spinal surgeries. Steve functioned as my partner in my recovery, working hand in hand with my physical therapists. He met with my other caretakers to understand the uniqueness of my situation, to bounce ideas around to safely work within my limitations while rebuilding my strength and condition.

I continue to work with him three days a week, and I sing his praises to all who will listen, “Here is a trainer committed to helping you solve your unique problems. He is thoughtful in his approach and is continuously seeking out new learning. Whether you are young or old, in perfect health or facing your share of challenges, if you are committed to your goals, then Steve will commit to teaching you, coaching you, and training you so you may achieve them.”
Terri A. 7/1/2015


Steve is an outstanding trainer. Steve has helped me along my weight loss journey. He has helped me lose in excess of 70 lbs. Steve has helped me not only lose fat, but gain muscle. I have become the fittest I have ever been in my life.

Steve’s boundless energy and expertise in proper exercise execution are the right combination of motivation that I needed to continue on my weight loss journey. Steve’s extensive knowledge and positive disposition is just what this girl needed!
Elizabeth D. 3/9/2015


The best thing I did before surgery last year was work with Steve on increasing my core strength. At first, I had trouble standing up from a chair without my arms. By the time I had surgery, I could stand up holding a 10 pound weight. That made the post op recovery so much easier. My arms were tangled in IVs and blood pressure cuffs. I didn’t need my arms. I could crunch my belly to sit up in bed or stand up from a chair. I’m sure my recovery went much quicker with his continued encouragement, at a less intense level post-op. Thank you, Steve!!
Emily H.  3/7/2015


Steve is an exemplary trainer. He has a way of extracting the most from his clients and the personality to make the experience enjoyable. Steve is no “90 day wonder”, he had put in his time over many years learning the kinesiology of movement related to exercise and the corresponding elements of nutrition. With this knowledge and the infinite patience of a good teacher, Steve will give you a huge bang for your fitness buck. Even better, he really knows what he’s doing and after working with him you’ll find yourself in the best shape of your life!
John D.  3/4/2015


I am 66 years old and have been training with Steve Cioppa for a year and a half. I feel very comfortable and confident in his skills as a trainer. I trust him to initiate and guide my exercises with the correct posture, stance and or position. He attends many continuing education seminars related to aging bodies. This knowledge combined with his understanding of nutrition is helping me to increase my strength, overall health and fitness. Training with Steve has helped to increase my stamina when skiing and the distance I can drive a golf ball. I would strongly recommend Steve Cioppa to my friends.
Betsy W.  8/16/2014