Why C&C StrongFit?

Shakes, pills, infomercials hyping the next new insane workout or magic equipment are nothing but money making opportunities for those who sell them and a source of frustration for those who purchase them.  Our objective is simple;

“Motivating clients to adopt a lifestyle rather than depending on gimmicks and quick fixes is where true change is realized.”

Our goal is to cut through all the nonsense and provide people with the customized personal training and education necessary to maintain active, healthy lives and to do so injury free. We are part of a network of dedicated, like-minded health and wellness professionals all striving to ensure our clients the highest quality of life possible.

C&C StrongFit was started by Steve Cioppa and Chris Cossette in order to provide clients a high level of personal training expertise that is professional, safe, fun, effective and cuts through the myriad of misinformation and false promises that are dominant in today’s fitness and nutrition industry. With a combined 25 years experience we are able to integrate time tested, real world techniques along with the newest cutting edge science to provide our clients with an unparalleled value within the region. Postural assessment, gait analysis, movement screens and corrective exercise are the things that allow us to bridge the gap between physical therapy and standard personal training. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, Hypertension and Obesity are just some of the many disorders that can be improved through exercise and proper nutrition. We possess the passion and knowledge to assist our clients in becoming the best they can be.